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 Tournament Q&A

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Winter Wraith

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PostSubject: Tournament Q&A   Tournament Q&A EmptySat Jul 27, 2013 5:53 pm

Any questions about the tournament, feel free to ask here! bounce 

The quote below was asked on the CBR forums by Wailing Crusader Gargoyle and answered there as well.

Quote :
Quote :
I have a couple of questions about the tourney... I chatted with some other contestants on CBox who scored both higher and lower than me and decided it might be good to throw these questions out into the open.

- Would it be possible to get some feedback on how to improve? Either a brief individual insight or some overall observations (e.g. common mistakes) would be helpful. Sounds like even some of the high scorers weren't exactly sure what they did to get such high scores.
- Could the team/judge dynamic be clarified? I know the judge isn't part of the "team," but the judge's death does affect the overall score, which is a criterion. Should the team stick to the judge to keep them protected?

Thanks if it is possible to answer these. If not, it is still fun and there is plenty of time for improvement/figuring out the game.

Thanks again for doing the tourney!

We're not really doing individual feedback, but in overall, teamwork is the most important. Putting teammates before self survival (while still staying alert of self survival - basically not being reckless or running off to the next battle without checking for excess fruit when life is needed), working on a team basis and not an individual basis (for example, I noticed one team was out of sync at first by one teammate staying behind to fight buckets on A Thousand Apples A Day, rather than sticking with the rest of the team who had already transported through the portal), and just point blank teamwork is the main goal. As far as overall score goes, that is each judge's preference to look at.

The mission judge is a ghost and does not in any way at all affect your judging. If a judge dies, it is ignored. It's not the medal that matters, but combo and KOs of the team members. However, this is only slightly calculated in. Again, teamwork is what is being looked for.

"The criteria for judging is the team put together, individual teamwork, individual ability to survive, individual ability to pay attention to the needs of teammates and self, and final score for the overall team."

Each judge can interpret this criteria differently, but the overall criteria center focuses on being a team. This difference in interpretation is the reason there are 5 judges rather than just 1, so there is a variety of opinions on whether teamwork was well executed or not.

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Tournament Q&A
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