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 Tourney Rules and FAQ

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PostSubject: Tourney Rules and FAQ   Tourney Rules and FAQ EmptyMon Sep 23, 2013 6:16 pm

Tourney Rules and FAQ 2r56s75

A time of testing has come!  The Phoenix is here to sift the worthy from the unworthy!

*a firebird descends from on high and gazes at you*

My little ones, I greet you.

I, the great Phoenix, know that you are all heroes.  I know that all of you are the slayers of countless Skrulls, imps, Frost Giants, and zombies.  I also know that you have taken down the likes of Loki, Magneto, and Dormammu... many, many times.  But I also know you did it with your Level 20 Archangel with the Damage Boost and the autotarget hax, so I must say... an immortal bird of fire does not find that impressive.

Here is my challenge.  I want to know how well you can do when you have no advantage over the other players.  When you all have to use the SAME hero, in the SAME mission, who will shine as the one with the most skill, the most heart?  That is what the Phoenix approves and rewards. 

So, for the next five weeks I and my judges will test you to see how well you can do in a mission, and I will CHOOSE the hero for you to use.  I will also choose your mission.  You will run your mission under the watchful eye of my judges, who will report back your numbers.  The top half of the players will stay.  The bottom half will be eliminated.

When I have my top four, well, that's when things will REALLY get interesting.

You expect to be rewarded for all this?  How gauche.  Well, if I must...

1st Place: 750 gold
2nd Place: 450 gold
3rd Place: 375 gold

I will also bestow a custom title -- a new title that no one else has -- on the top three plus two Honorable Mentions.

Expect, of course, a few twists along the way.  I am a wild element of life and fire.  You cannot expect me to be tame.

The Phoenix has the right to disqualify anyone, at any time, and the word of the Phoenix is final.

Can I play on my friend's account?
No.  Every participant must have his or her own Squad name and own SHSO Hub forum account.  Players who share an account will be disqualified.  (And I, wily Phoenix that I am, might slip you little tidbits of information on your Hub PM, so it pays to check.)

What if I don't have the hero for the week?
The heroes for each week will be chosen from the four Starter heroes (Cyclops, Thing, Ms. Marvel, Falcon), the ten Challenge heroes (Daredevil, Colossus, Elektra, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Sentry, Firestar, MODOK, Mohawk Storm, Street-Clothes Wolverine, Stealth Armor Iron-Man), and the non-SHIELD Silver heroes (Silver Surfer, Dark Surfer, Bucky Cap, Jean Grey, Classic Daredevil, Red She-Hulk). This is intended to give as many people as possible a chance to participate.

What if I don't have the mission for the week?
The judges will have it and they will invite you.

Who are the judges?
Winter Wraith (CBOX: Tina)
Astral Tornado Mariner (CBOX: Dark AstralNader)
Steel Autumn Machine (CBOX: Shadowlarvitar)
Volcanic Torch Manatee (CBOX: Volcanic Torch Manatee)
Masked Frost Builder (CBOX Masked Frost Builder or Pie Guy)
Cunning Omega Lady (CBOX Kerryee)
Plastic Fantastic Fungus (CBOX Miss F)
Astounding Super Bird (CBOX Astounding Super Bird)

What do the judges do?
They will accompany you in missions and see how you do.  They are only there to watch, though, so don't expect them to help you.  

What if the weekly hero is a hero with a badge and I don't have the badge?  You said no one would have an advantage!  How is that fair?!
Peace, my little one.  There will be a handicap system in place to make sure the characters without a badge can keep up.
    Tier 1: Hero with badge levels 17-20 – Score as it stands
    Tier 2: Hero with badge levels 12-16 – Score plus 3%
    Tier 3: Hero Level 1-11 – Score plus 4%

How will you know which hero has which level?
I will send out a survey to the 32 qualifying applicants, asking which heroes they own and what their levels are.  I will also ask my judges to look at your hero's level just before they invite you to the mission.

Are boosts allowed?
No, and if you are caught using one you will be disqualified.  I want to see the size of your heart, not the depth of your wallet.

So... what now?
I will post instructions week-by-week.  For now, I would advise you to register an account on the Hub forums and prepare to be tested...

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PostSubject: Re: Tourney Rules and FAQ   Tourney Rules and FAQ EmptyMon Sep 23, 2013 6:34 pm

I want in on this.
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Tourney Rules and FAQ
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