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 Week 3 Winners

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Week 3 Winners Empty
PostSubject: Week 3 Winners   Week 3 Winners EmptySun Oct 13, 2013 10:44 pm

Week 3 battles are over!

Week 3 Winners 2morr84

Please join with me in congratulating the eight who will go on to the next round.

1. Astral Tornado Mariner
2. Steel Autumn Machine
3. Toxic Iron Cat
4. Storm Builder
5. Tyrannical Despairing Quail
6. Void Mechanical Lion
7. Winter Wraith
8. Prince Philosopher Herald

Condolences to (in no particular order) Kingdom Sloth Crusader, Volcanic Torch Manatee, Enraged Shield Hunter, Surefooted Sentry, Smashing Clown Juggler, Radioactive Blade Enchanter, and Masked Frost Builder.

Now rest and prepare for tomorrow, when things get... devilish.
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Week 3 Winners
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