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 Week 4 -- Daredevil & Daredevil vs Lizard

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Week 4 -- Daredevil & Daredevil vs Lizard Empty
PostSubject: Week 4 -- Daredevil & Daredevil vs Lizard   Week 4 -- Daredevil & Daredevil vs Lizard EmptyMon Oct 14, 2013 1:37 pm

The Phoenix want to see how you perform under pressure.  Week 4 (October 14-20) has arrived!

Week 4 -- Daredevil & Daredevil vs Lizard 2w56kxg

The Phoenix says that part of greatness is being able to handle adversity.  So this week she is going to choose her four finalists based on how well they can perform under fire.

IN PAIRS, using DAREDEVIL and CLASSIC DAREDEVIL, players will complete a run of LIZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. Meet up with a judge in CBox to run your mission. My judges are under orders to watch your progress and report back to me the following things...

Your KO score.
Your Combo score.
How often you were KO'd.

Your final score will be KO score + Combo score, with a 1000 point BONUS if you survive the round without being KO'd. 

Because the Phoenix wants to see how you do when the environment is hostile, the judges will all be players who were in the tournament and have been eliminated.  DO NOT ASSUME they will be neutral here.  You know all those nasty POTIONS in that mission and how much they hurt if you get hit by one?  Yeah?  The judges will surely know that too.  (Though of course, there's nothing stopping YOU from throwing one...)

At the end of the week the points will be tallied, and the 4 highest scorers will go on to the finals. The lowest four will have failed to demonstrate sufficient heart and will be dropped.

You have a week to complete your mission. Failure to play the mission within the allotted week will result in a score of 0.

Since regular (red) Daredevil has a badge, scores will be set to a handicap system. (Classic Daredevil will automatically get the 4% boost.)
Tier 1: Hero with badge levels 17-20 – Score as it stands
Tier 2: Hero with badge levels 12-16 – Score plus 3%
Tier 3: Hero Level 1-11 – Score plus 4%

This may seem unfair, but keep in mind that badged heroes have a lot more health than unbadged ones.

If you cannot find a player to partner with, you are allowed to use a placeholder.

You are allowed to use in-mission boosts (you know, the things you get from the barrels), but Strength/Speed/Armor potions are not allowed.

Now go, my children! Find a judge here: http://cbrshso.cbox.ws/ and show your heart. The Phoenix is watching.

Eligible contestants:
Toxic Iron Cat
Prince Philosopher Herald
Void Mechanical Lion
Storm Builder
Astral Tornado Mariner
Steel Autumn Machine
Winter Wraith
Tyrannical Despairing Quail

Judging corps:
Volcanic Torch Manatee (CBOX: Volcanic Torch Manatee)
Masked Frost Builder (CBOX Masked Frost Builder or Pie Guy)
Cunning Omega Lady (CBOX Kerryee)
Enraged Shield Hunter (CBOX: Enraged Shield Hunter/Leo)
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Week 4 -- Daredevil & Daredevil vs Lizard
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