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 Week 5 -- Final Round

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Week 5 -- Final Round Empty
PostSubject: Week 5 -- Final Round   Week 5 -- Final Round EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 11:37 pm

Finals Week is now upon us.  The Phoenix prepares to choose her champion.

Week 5 -- Final Round 2ivy49x

The Phoenix says, "There are many ways to judge greatness.  Some greatness is in superior skill.  Some lies in surviving a rough course.  A certain kind of greatness manifests in success despite a handicap.  And of course there is the greatness of endurance over numerous trials.  All of my finalists have been great in these ways.  They overcame 2-1 odds at the very beginning, with Stealth Armor Iron Man.  They defeated the clumsy coarseness of Abomination with the delicacy of Jean Grey.  They prevailed against Doctor Octopus with 999 of their 1000 exploding suns tied behind their back.  And they survived the worst their enemies could throw at them, literally, by defeating Lizard with a pair of billy clubs.  I am pleased with you, my finalists; very pleased.

"But all of this time I have been testing you against your enemies, or against each other.  I have not tested your spirits against my own great heart -- until now.

"Therefore I challenge you to battle by champion.  And for my champion I choose Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, a master of the mystic arts: Dr. Stephen Strange.  We are not afraid to duel with Dormammu in his own realm.  If you have the heart, join us there and we will see who deserves the Phoenix's highest honors."

The rules:

You must complete a run of DORMAMMU MIA with me, Astounding Super Bird.  I will play as DOCTOR STRANGE.  You may choose any of the following to be your champion

Challenge Heroes: Daredevil, Elektra, Mohawk Storm, Firestar, Sentry, Street Clothes Wolverine, Stealth Armor Iron Man, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Colossus, MODOK

Silver Heroes: Classic Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Dark Surfer, Bucky Cap, Jean Grey, Red She-Hulk, Avengers Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Avengers Nick Fury, Iron Man MK I, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Dark Iron Patriot, Tuxedo Thing, War Machine, Ultimate Thor, Black Suit Spider-Man, Shadowcat, Deadpool, Black Widow.

The badge handicap system will be OFF.  If you bring a Level 8 hero, that is only your own foolishness.

This round will end once all four finalists have done their mission.  The final placings will be determined by the difference in KO/Combo scores.

Now, hurry.  Face down Dormammu and establish your greatness. The world is watching.
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Week 5 -- Final Round
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