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PostSubject: THE WINNERS!   THE WINNERS! EmptyMon Oct 21, 2013 11:45 pm

The Astounding Super Tourney has ended!

THE WINNERS! 2mngmzq

Congratulations to our winners!

First Place -- Astral Tornado Mariner, who wins "The Superior" title and 750 Gold
Second Place -- Toxic Iron Cat, who wins "The Superior" title and 450 Gold
Third Place -- Steel Autumn Machine, who wins "The Superior" title and 375 Gold

Honorable Mention -- Storm Builder, who wins "The Superior" title
Honorable Mention -- Tyrannical Despairing Quail, who wins "The Superior" title
Tyrannical Despairing Quail also wins Iceman since he was the highest ranked player who did not have him.

The grace of the Phoenix awards a Hero-Up potion to two randomly-chosen contestants
Captain Hat Prime
Plastic Fantastic Fungus

And the Consolation prize of one Card Booster Pack is granted to
Invisible Pepper Giraffe

The Phoenix thanks everyone for playing.  Take those old heroes off the shelf every now and then -- you never know when you might need them.

Until next time!

Full final order of placing

1. Astral Tornado Mariner
2. Toxic Iron Cat
3. Steel Autumn Machine
4. Storm Builder
5. Tyrannical Despairing Quail
6. Winter Wraith
7. Void Mechanical Lion
8. Prince Philosopher Herald
9. Volcanic Torch Manatee
10. Kingdom Sloth Crusader
11. Smashing Clown Juggler
12. Radioactive Blade Enchanter
13. Enraged Shield Hunter
14. Masked Frost Builder
15. Surefooted Sentry
16. Captain Hat Prime
17. Plastic Fantastic Fungus
18. Squire Bird Mage
19. General Warlike Smasher Hammer
20. Lieutenant Ghost Avenger
21. Tunneling Rover Acrobat
22. Silent Transparent Acrobat
23. Cunning Omega Lady
24. Sergeant Gecko Blade
25. Invisible Pepper Giraffe
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