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 Greetings squaddies

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Greetings squaddies Empty
PostSubject: Greetings squaddies   Greetings squaddies EmptyFri Jun 06, 2014 5:24 pm

affraid  This is outstanding! Thankz to gazillion for re considering on forums. This hub is FTW  great job.

Though I have just stumbled across the SHSO community forums, I and my youngest son have been part of this community since beta.

SHSO was so mush fun to play with my son I fell in love with it at once and enjoyed watching it grow as it has. Now we have an official way to communicate Woooooot!

I cant wait to meet some of my in game friends here and set up some difficult crisis missions strategies  Twisted Evil !  
savvy angle  "nuff said"

Welcome to all that have posted before me, and to those that post after and TY again gazillion and to the devs mods admin etc that made and are going to upkeep this fine SHSO hub  Like a Star @ heaven
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Greetings squaddies
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