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 Cunning Lasher Crow

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PostSubject: Cunning Lasher Crow   Cunning Lasher Crow EmptySat Jul 05, 2014 7:33 pm

I wish we could re-roll these names. Anyway, Heya.

I just picked up the game again after seeing news about the big update. I really dig the fractal system. 
I'm a big X-fan and favor a lot of the X-Men related characters. Fingers are crossed for alternate universe versions of some of my favorites. 
Currently leveling my Rogue, Kitty and Phoenix to the badge cap.

I take my games slightly too seriously, so add me on SHSO if you're an Admantium junkie.

I don't know if any Developers will be rolling around these forums, but kudos on the really charming game. I've loved superheroes a long time, but I'm not sure any game has ever captured as much of the charm of the individual characters like SHSO. There's comics references and character quirks in the emotes that are really clever.
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Cunning Lasher Crow
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